“People suck, food doesn’t”

It’s a point of view I can relate to, as expressed by the lead character in “Seared”, a play about people and food in its last few days at the SF Playhouse. For someone who is food-obsessed, the play is fun on a couple of different levels – for one, the characters care about food … Continue reading “People suck, food doesn’t”


Everybody Must Get Stone… Fruits

High summer is time to get stoned – stone fruit, that is. That was basically the theme of the Pairings presentation at this week’s After Dark Thursdays at the Exploratorium. Chef Loretta Keller, mixologist Clay Reynolds, Exploratorium Senior Scientist Julie Yu and farmer Bryce Loewen shared how to grow and enjoy the best plums, peaches, … Continue reading Everybody Must Get Stone… Fruits

Après midi of a foodie

I’ve just returned from a lovely Parisian-style afternoon… a leisurely lunch, followed by a stroll through a neighborhood with interesting art, architecture and small shops.  I even have a treasure-trove of goodies that I accumulated, including macarons, artisan chocolate and Mariage Frères tea. Am I writing this from Paris?  Au contraire, mon frère, from San … Continue reading Après midi of a foodie