Street Eats in Palermo

Tell people you’re traveling to Sicily and you’re liable to hear something about the street food.  What you hear will depend on who you ask, but it can range from “they eat gelato in brioche for breakfast!!” to “it’s all fried and greasy”.  And neither statement is entirely true.  While Sicilian food on the whole … Continue reading Street Eats in Palermo

The History of Sicily is On Your Plate

Trying to identify the heritage of Sicily's food is like trying to unpick the ingredients of a hearty stew... "hmmm, I can taste Roman, Norman, Moorish, maybe some Greek.. oh, and a little Spanish!" Each wave of invaders/colonizers brought their own tastes and ingredients with them, and many non-native plants like citrus flourished in the … Continue reading The History of Sicily is On Your Plate

Palermo From Market to Plate

Ballarò Market is the oldest and largest of the markets in Palermo, with some families having stalls here for decades. You won’t find an upscale, organic, curated market experience here… there are vendors shouting their wares, motorcycles zipping between the stalls, cats skulking around the discarded fruit and vegetable trimmings on the ground and flies … Continue reading Palermo From Market to Plate