Two new tech discoveries

I’ve found two new tech tips that have made my travels so much easier!

One is thanks to my cousin, Lisa, who showed me I can use my cell phone’s data plan to create a wi-fi hot spot to connect my laptop to the Internet. (This was necessitated because my flat in Lucca didn’t exactly offer free wi-fi, as advertised. They did refund me some money to cover my increased data costs with my cell plan — although it was only 5 EUR for an extra GB.)

Second is thanks to Google, for Google Cloud Print. It means I can buy train or other tickets on the laptop, save a PDF file, then print it to my cell phone. The Italian trains take e-tickets, which is fine when I book on my phone, but booking on the laptop meant (I thought) that I had to copy the PDF to my phone or print out a paper ticket.  This also means that I can do travel research on my laptop and easily print it to my phone for use on-the-fly — maps, guides, Wikipedia pages, etc.

If I’m printing from Chrome, my Android phone automatically shows up as a print destination. But I downloaded a Google Cloud Print driver and now I can print to my phone from any Windows app!


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