Tracking my adventures

I’ve found a new electronic goodie, that I think will let me post my perambulations here. Let’s see if it works. If it does, there should be a map of my first scenic drive yesterday. I don’t think I started it when I left Honfleur, so it picks up somewhere along the way to Lisieux, where I had to buy a new charger for my camera battery. (I’m going to have words with the camera store at home that sold me the one that just died!)

Lisieux is the home of St. Theresa of Lisieux (never heard of her, but she’s famous for going into a convent at just 15 years of age). I had lunch in Lisieux (at Aux Acacias, which turned out to be recommended in Michelin) while waiting for the camera store to open, then wandered down to Chateau Saint Germain de Livet, the Graindorge cheese factory in Liverot and then home via Pont l’Eveque. (Basically every place name here is a type of cheese, and I skipped the town of Camembert!)

The day proved three things: you can have too much cheese, I can drive in another country, and I’m going to have a blast driving up to Belgium!!

Drive To Liseux

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Well, by George, it worked!  There’s even a moving ball showing you my direction of travel!  (If you look closely, on my way back north, I backtrack a couple of times… those were for really good photo opportunities [a field of rolled hay in the sun and a ruined house with a recognizably Norman roof].)


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