Sweet, sweet Bruges

When most people say they've had their fill of museums, they perhaps mean that one Phoenician pottery shard has started to look like every other Phoenician pottery shard. Or if they have to look at another still life of dead pheasants, they'll scream. When you're in Bruges and you say that, however, you may be … Continue reading Sweet, sweet Bruges


Bruges must be chocolate heaven

On my first sight of Bruges, I thought, "Oh, this is cute". On my second look, all I could see was tourists, and I thought, "Oh, this doesn't look good." On my third look, walking around the streets, I thought, "By all that's unholy, I may just overdose on chocolate over the next three days!" … Continue reading Bruges must be chocolate heaven

In Flanders Fields – Visiting Sanctuary Wood

     This is a World War I site with original and partially restored trenches outside Ieper, Belgium (called "Wipers" by the British soldiers of the time). The woods gave temporary sanctuary from German guns (hence the name) during the various battles that raged through what is now peaceful Belgian countryside. One of the first … Continue reading In Flanders Fields – Visiting Sanctuary Wood