I wanna be Bourdain

Food tourism seems to come in two extremes — ultra high-end food tours where you explore a Florentine market and then learn how to cook pasta in the kitchen of a famous cookbook author (for hundreds of dollars per hour) or trooping through a cheese-making plant (free, but not engaging).

Those of us who love to eat and travel have envied Tony Bourdain when he watches a master chef  hand-pull noodles in Hong Kong or shares a simple but delicious apres-hunt meal with the legendary chef Paul Bocuse.   (Maybe not so much when he eats “the last few inches of semi-cleaned poop chute” from a Kalahari wart-hog…)

But there has to be some way us “regular people” can have food adventures that are both interactive and affordable.  At least, that’s my theory.  And I hope to test it out on my trip.  To that end, I’ve booked a hands-on chocolate-making workshop in Ghent, Belgium, a tour from Bologna to see prosciutto, balsamic vinegar and Parmesan cheese made, and a third visit to the Salon du Chocolate in Paris.  And I’m hoping to find other ways I can travel and eat like Bourdain!


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